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Spizzerinctum Group develops and delivers essential skills, (often called soft skills), training that excites, engages, and achieves greater results!  

We develop and implement annual talent development programs & individual skill development programs, as well as customized skill gap assessments! 

We also help develop job descriptions and skill requirements to find candidates with the right fit who will achieve success! 

Contact us today to learn more

Email: Julie@spizzergroup 

Phone: 262-993-4883 

Some of our most requested programs include:

  • Accountability: Results without authority

  • Achieving success in your new role

  • Blind spots: Identifying and overcoming the ones holding you back 

  • Business acumen to make better bottom line decisions

  • Communicating effectively versus communicating

  • Confidence building 101

  • Conflict resolution: Step up to the challenge of resolving conflict and conducting crucial conversations  

  • ​Critical thinking to solve problems faster and better

  • Culture trumps strategy

  • Delegation: The art and science

  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) 101

  • Emotional intelligence: How's your EQ? Or Achieving success with emotional intelligence Or Emotional intelligence from concept to application

  • Feedback: Essentials to giving and receiving feedback effectively

  • Finance for the non-financial manager 

  • Goal setting: Setting SMART goals

  • New supervisor/manager training to achieve greater results

  • Negotiation skills to achieve more Or Strategic negotiations

  • New ways of thinking and working

  • Overcoming team dysfunction and the blame game

  • Planning and organization for the overwhelmed

  • Supervising friends, family, or past co-workers

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